Carpark Romances workshop

19-carpark-romances  14 – 30 July 2019 -location to be defined

Workshop Leaders: Eliot Shrimpton, Charlotte Munksø 

Interpreters: to be defined

Contents: This workshop will explore the themes of love, the erotic, disappointment and loss, exhibitionism and voyeurism, inhibition and extroversion, and the private and public persona. Working with site-specific composition and masks, participants will consider the nature of intimacy and the absurd.
In advance or the workshop, participants are asked to:
- find and learn by heart 2 haiku poems by any writer and in any language. The poems should resonate with the themes outlined above and at least one haiku should contain explicitly erotic language. 
- bring a disguise. This should include pieces which may be used to disguise both the face and the body.

The students  admitted will pay for the participation fe: € 500,00 and the costs of the journey; the costs of the accomodation (special established rate).