The Ob/scene journey

19-teatroosceno  14 – 30 July 2019 - location to be defined

Workshop Leaders: Roberto Romei, Francesco Villano 

Interpreters: to be defined

Contents: Since the origin of theatre, horror, death, the unbearable pain have been banished by the stage. Theatre has been cherishing a respect in regards to extreme pain and the choice of evoking it gradually became a narrative strategy that allowed theatre to deal with what could not be narrated. Since the first messengers of Greek tragedy, theatre chose to translate the horror of death into the acted narration of a “witness”. The workshop starts from Davide Enia’s “Notes on a Shipwreck” and will approach the issues of how to tell, report, act the sea and the need of migration towards unknown territories.

The students  admitted will pay for the participation fee: € 500,00 and the costs of the journey; the costs of the accomodation (special established rate).