libro-pdtPrima del Teatro publishes every year informational material and it has its own publishing activity. In 1995 the proceedings of the Congress (Transeuropa House) "Le Parole del Teatro - 1991/1993" (The Words of the Theatre - 1991/1993) were published. In 1997 the Teatro di Pisa edited the volume "I 10 Comandamenti" with ten original pieces written by the students of the workshop on playwriting led by José Sanchis Sinisterra from 1995 to 1996.

In 2002 it has been inaugurated a dramaturgical collection with the publication of "Teatro Traslucido", a book that collects three José Sanchis Sinisterra's unpublished plays. In 2004 the collection is in the catalogue of ETS editions and a new book has just been issued: Michel Azama's "La guerra delle donne: Crociate, Ifigenia, Medea-Black".

In june 2007 was published "Teatro refrattario" (with "Cairn", "Ancora la tempesta", "La rivolta degli angeli" by Enzo Cormann).

In 2005 are published the photographic book Prima del Teatro and the video-documentary Il mestiere dell'attore.