The students coming at Prima del Teatro are:

  • young people not professionally trained yet and, above all, all of them still searching answers concerning their vocation and their future pedagogical journey;
  • students from drama schools whose level can be inferred from their years of school attendance;
  • actors with a diploma from an Italian or European School, at least biennial;
  • actors with any relevant professional background, with no diploma, whose training was basically self-made;
  • young writers, interested in the workshop on playwriting;
  • young directors, interested in studying themes concerning the direction of actors;
  • students interested in theatrical pedagogy;
  • people (often adults) interested in the theatre, not from a strictly professional standpoint or in the traditional sense and manners; women and men that, often because of their professions, work in the margins of theatre, use the language of theatre, devote themselves to theatre in schools, or work in theatre groups rooted in small communities.